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The Power of Sketchnotes

One of the skills that I am known for is my ability to draw and hand letter. By night I am SuperDoodleGirl and by day I am the Director of Marketing and Learning here at i2i Technologies. I enjoy doodling and drawing, and want to break down some of the science and research to share

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TxDLA Panel Discussion: Injecting Virtual Innovation

At the 2018 Texas Distance Learning Association conference in Dallas, i2i Technologies provided interactive video conferencing equipment, services, streaming, recording, and support for the final panel session. The Voices of Change: A Panel of Educational Innovators featured professionals from various constituencies. The session offered a great opportunity to hear from instructors and students about educational

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i2i Technologies and TWICE and CAPspace, Oh My!

With i2i Technologies focus on helping people and organizations with video communication and collaboration, partnering with an organization like TWICE is no big surprise.  What’s TWICE, you may ask?  Established in 2001, TWICE stands for Two Way Interactive Connections in Education.  Like i2i Technologies, TWICE promotes and supports collaborative video conference connections for the benefit

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Sketchnotes in the Classroom

I love to doodle. When I say it that way, it sound frivolous and fanciful. It is honestly the best way for me to process information that I hear and information that I read. During the IFWE conference, I was sketchnoting like I always do and posted my notes online.  A friend of mine saw

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National Distance Learning Week 2017

National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) was November 6-10, 2017.  This event showcased the best of the best distance learning practitioners. Members of the i2i Technologies team presented two different webinars this week. Fending Off the Webinar Woes Janine Lim, Associate Dean, Online Higher Education from Andrews University and Roxanne Glaser, Director, Marketing & Learning, i2i Technologies

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Getting Started with Sketchnotes

Here is an example of a sketchnote. Sketchnotes are an example of visual note-taking that can increase retention and focus during instructional time. Another bonus is how students will develop “ninja” listening skills and practice summarizing.

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Doodling for Understanding

The Generative Drawing Principle is a theory of learning that connects students with generating drawings to help them understand and apply their knowledge. Resources: The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning Drawing-to-Learn: A Framework for Using Drawings to Promote Model-Based Reasoning in Biology Drawing to Learn in Science Drawing to Learn with Young Children Drawing to

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