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Department of Information Resources (DIR)
Technology Based Conferencing Products and Related Services
Contract #DIR-TSO-3870
Contract Expiration:  6/19/2021

ManufacturerWebsiteMSRP Price List (pdf)
Lifesizewww.lifesize.comPrice List
Polycomwww.polycom.comPrice List
Updated October 2020

To obtain a quote or place an order, please email us at sales@i2itech.com or call (800) 424-9887. All POs must reference DIR contract # DIR-TSO-3870. 

Warranty Information: 90 Day Installation Warranty Included for Installation Projects – 1 to 3 Years Available for Purchase (cost varies depending on project [i.e. equipment used in system])
Manufacturer Warranties (specific information varies depending on manufacturer and model)

Returns: All sales are final and unopened products cannot be returned.