Premiere from i2i Technologies Live Virtual and Hybrid Events
Designing and managing live virtual and hybrid events can be confusing.
Our implementation support team can help.


The goals of your event drive every decision. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.
We work with you to build a timeline of tasks and advise on how event components connect to one another.

Engagement & Support

Interactions among presenters, facilitators, and attendees is key.
We can help determine engagement and interactivity strategies to be promoted and modeled throughout the event while assisting with the support of all sessions and their participants.

Branding & Communication

Professional images and copywriting create the identity of your event .
We offer guidance for implementation while also having the expertise and ability to provide you with a customized branding experience.

During the Event

The success of your event depends on a trusted and reliable support partner.
We can assist in the set-up, configuration, and testing of equipment while actively connecting to and monitoring your event to help facilitate all activities and support all participants. Event sessions can be recorded as determined.

Virtual/Hybrid Environment

You know your event. We know video communications.
We can help investigate, identify, design, and set-up the event virtual/hybrid environment as well as provide ongoing support for all participants.

After the Event

It's important to close out your event on a high note.
Post event assistance can include help with the disconnection and packing up of equipment as well as the transfer of session attendance reports and raw recordings. Our expertise includes editing recordings to be shared with constituents in a polished, professional manner.

About the Service

Premiere from i2i Technologies provides people and organizations with professional expertise and confidence while helping their live virtual and hybrid events run smoothly. It is easily customizable for a variety of activities.

Services and support can be delivered before, during, or after your event to include help in planning, branding, communication, design and set-up of the virtual environment, or engagement and support strategies.

Meet Our Team

Who we can help

Premiere from i2i Technologies adds value to any type of live virtual or hybrid event – for the planning team, presenters, and audience – by applying our technical and presentation expertise.

Specific examples of events we can support include virtual or hybrid conferences, industry webinars, remote experts, panel discussions, author visits, and product demonstrations.

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