TxDLA Keep Connecting Introducing an All New SoftChalk

Introducing an All New Softchalk!

Episode 20

Guest Speaker

  • Mary Beth Huneke, Online Education Advisor, SoftChalk

SoftChalk: Easy-to-Use

The new version is SoftChalk Cloud with an easy to use navigation. Overall mission, an easy-to-use software to create interactive content that can be embedded in an LMS quickly. Here is a brief explainer video. 

Key Features of SoftChalk Cloud

  • Easy to use
  • Accessible content
  • Integrates easily with major LMSs
  • Collaborate on content and share lessons
  • Anytime/anywhere access
  • Protable – edit content once – put links in multiple places
  • Student score tracking via LTI links to add lessons

Why Use SoftChalk Cloud with an LMS

  • Intermingle content with interactives
  • Design flexibility
  • Natural lesson environment
  • Address multiple learning styles
  • Built-in accessibility

See SoftChalk Cloud in Action

Mary Beth walked us through a sample lesson and how simple it is to create a lesson from scratch. 

  • How to Share Lessons via SoftChalk Share [21:52]
  • TxDLA Demo Lesson [26:32]
  • How to Build a SoftChalk Lesson [37:37]

Resources and Links

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