Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

Raise Hand

Uses for the Raise Hand Feature

In Q and A to minimize cross-talk where people talk over each other to ask a question.

  • Participants can click the hand to ask to be acknowledged.
  • When the main speaker is ready to engage them, each person can be clearly identified and asked to unmute and interact.
  • Participants or a meeting moderator can lower the hand after the question is asked.

To conduct polls in small meetings or classes.

  • Practice raising hands, if it is your first time to use this feature.
  • Present the question to the group.
  • Allow wait time for answers.
  • Participants “vote” by raising their hands.
    Lower all hands.

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Record & Share

Uses for Record and Share

There are projections that by 2022, 82% of Internet traffic will be from video, including video streaming and downloads. Getting information out quickly and effectively continues to be a driving force for video adoption.

Quick ways to improve productivity with Record and Share:

  • Calendar Conflicts
    When the schedules can’t sync, gather the essential stakeholders and record the meeting for anyone who should have it as an FYI.  

  • Visual Communications
    Some people have limited availability and prefer not to read. Consider creating a short video to complement the text. Having two people alternate presenting can generate more interest.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Make a short companion video to visually walk someone through the process. The recorded video does not have to be highly produced or perfect to be helpful. Here is an example of one I created to show instructors how to use their new Icon 300s. 

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Live Stream

Uses for Live Stream

Pro Tip: Use an image on your website as a quick way to direct participants to a live stream.

  • Investor Updates/Board Meetings/Town Halls
    These type of events usually involve a small number of speakers streamed to a much larger audience who can interact through chat or text so that the flow of the speakers is not interrupted by open microphones or other disruptions.  

  • Virtual Conferences or Lectures
    These type of events keep the focus on the subject matter expert who is disseminating information to a large, dispersed audience. Many times these events are archived for viewing or monetizing after the live event. 

  • Large Scale Event Extension
    Graduations or athletic events can be streamed to those who cannot easily attend in person. This is helpful in our current conditions, when physical attendance is limited. 

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Digital Whiteboarding

Benefits of Digital Whiteboarding

  • Easily bring visible structure to brainstorming sessions.
    Create a structure before the meeting for the discussion to maximize efficiency of the team.

  • Enable enhanced participation.
    Anyone can simply click to add their information into the whiteboarding session.

  • Quickly archive content.
    With an easy download, the content is available in an image format for distribution.

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Live Stream Embed Code

Pro Tips for Live Stream Embed Code

  • What is an embed code?
    It is a block of HTML that is added to a website or blog post.
  • Why use embed code?
    Share a fully branded experience through your website to viewers.   

  • What is the difference between embedding and sharing a link?
    Embedding refers to placing a piece of media within a web page versus linking back to the original stream source. Both the embed code and the link play back from the original source. 

  • Can the embed code be used for all Live Stream links?
    In Lifesize Cloud, to use the embed code, the stream MUST be set to public. If you want a private or unpublished live stream, embed code will not work for that situation.

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Uses for Chat in Video Communication

  • Help the technology disappear.
    Use the chat to add comments that add value without interrupting the flow of the speaker.
  • Keep a record of conversation within the meeting.
    Lifesize Cloud provides a persistent chat experience for participants to return to after the meeting ends. (Registered users only.) 

  • Allow guests to fully participate. 
    Guests can access links and resources shared live within the meeting.

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