Moving Beyond the Crisis: The Way Forward

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Episode 20

Guest Speakers

  • Ken Conn, Director, Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Roxanne Glaser, Director, Marketing and Learning

The Framing Questions

As we move forward after Wave 1: The Crisis and into Wave 2: The Way Forward, we have thought and discussed many different scenarios. Today’s webinar will focus on unpacking topics related to the following questions.

  • Where do we go from here?
  • What is the best way forward in a very uncertain time?
Sketchnote by Roxanne Glaser, @SuperDoodleGirl

What did you like about participating in activities in a virtual space?

The overarching themes of a slower pace (after the initial panic!) and thinking about the intentions of why we are doing the things that we do.

  • Slower pace and time to think
  • Time for conversation
  • Time with family
  • Virtual Happy Hour 🙂
  • Time outside
  • No travel
  • Mindfulness

What are some things you missed about being in the same space?

The consensus was being with people. The human connection is powerful underpinnings of collaboration and innovation.

  • Teaching in the same place as learners
  • Hands-on activities
  • Hugs, handshakes, high-fives!
  • The energy of other people
  • More hugs!
  • End of school activities

What does the future hold?

We acknowledge this is challenging as the circumstances change weekly, daily, and even by the hour, in some cases. 

  • Blending the best of the physical and the virtual in a meaningful format
  • Know when to use which tool for the most effective communication
  • Level up your collaboration skills
  • Become fluent in multiple platforms
  • Lots of video communication

The i2i Technologies Blended Process

This is at the heart of every challenge that we help people with. It is not always linear and it is a continuous process that takes into account where you are and where you want to be. 

Resources and Links

Note: This summary is live-blogged from the session so you can quickly scan the content. 

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