Lessons Learned During the 2020 Pandemic

Episode 21

Guest Speakers

  • Lisa Brown, Director, Bush School OEE, Texas A&M University
  • Jenell Paul, Learning Resource Network Director, Texas Health & Human Services Commission
  • Gerardo Pedraza, Instructional Designer III, Engineering Studio for Advanced Instruction and Learning, Texas A&M University
  • Mark Workman, Dean of Distance Learning, Blinn College

What Are Some Things You Learned

  • How to fish
  • How to grill
  • Plan B is real!
  • Technology roll-outs don’t have to be perfect to get started. 
  • Always practice gratitude.

Will We Go Back to Less Technology?

  • We will be better prepared with a continuity plan. 
  • Always have a couple of back-up plans.
  • Everyone knows what an instructional designer does now!
  • The transition to being better online with also improve face-to-face classes. 
  • Interesting…increase in phone calls as a communication tool.
  • Everyone is now using distance learning language and understanding it.

What is Hy Flex?

  • Hy Flex is not automatically social (physical) distancing.
  • Footprint of the office is changing.
  • Microlearning is meeting learners where they are.
  • All day training is compressed into 90 minutes.
  • More flexibility in delivery methods of training.
  • Institutions are running through different scenarios for what the fall will look like.
  • Maybe will use a version of a modified hy flex which is a hybrid. 

Resources and Links

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