Supporting Our Students Through COVID-19

Episode 19

Guest Speaker

  • Amanda Rohrbach, Emotional Behavioral Support Specialist, Wylie Independent School District

Everything Changed [8:00]

Sharing the perspective that educators are a holistic responder. Uptick in difficulty in parent/child relationships. 

 How We Can Support Our Students

  • Grace before grades
  • Meaningful and engaging lessons
  • Provide opportunities for interaction
  • Zoom fatigue is a real deal. 

What are some ways that you can help?

  • Aim for 12 physical connections per day. 
  • Play together.
  • Technology free time.
  • Seek connection prior to transitioning activities. 
  • Make time for one-on-one (at least 15 minutes).
  • Welcome emotion/empathy.
  • Enjoy the moment.

What does empathy sound like?

  • “It’s okay to be upset-its good to let it out.”
  • “I hear you. I am here for you. I will stay with you.”
  • “It’s okay how you feel, it is not okay to…”

Remain Present in the Moment

  • Keep things simple as much as possible. 
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. 
  • Keep a routine. Get up. Get dressed.
  • Make and keep plans with others. 
  • Limit exposure to media.

Resources and Links

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