Predicting and Planning in the Pandemic

What does the future hold? 

Even though the world seems more uncertain now, knowing what the future holds has never actually been a reality. We were accustomed to moving along with a certain set of given circumstances and not having to completely revolutionize our teaching, learning, and business environments.  

With the extraordinary changes, it is time for innovation and a laser focus on goals and objectives. One tool that has exploded in use in both business and education is video conferencing.

More video communication.

Some interesting data about the increased use of video conferencing during the pandemic. The following statistics relate to business uses. If you are interested in more of this type of information, here is a link to the compilation.

  • 75% of CEOs surveyed predicted that video conferencing will replace traditional audio-only conference calls.
  • By 2022, projections are for IP video traffic to increase to four times what it was in 2017.
  • 94% of the businesses surveyed claim that video conferencing has increased their productivity.

Circumstances rapidly change.

We acknowledge this is challenging as the circumstances change weekly, daily, and even by the hour, in some cases. In our conversation from a recent webinar, Ken and I discuss what we think/hope will be some silver linings this fall. 

  • Blend the best of the physical and the virtual in a meaningful format 
  • Select the appropriate tool for the most effective communication 
  • Level up your collaboration skills 
  • Become fluent in multiple platforms 
  • Use more video communication 

One size does not fit all.

The reality is that there is no one solution that will fit everyone and everything. We specialize in streamlining and creating effective video solutions from innovative video-ready interactive displays to full enterprise solutions that enable working and learning from anywhere to the boardroom. 

We can help.

If you are looking for a way to build in continuity between the in-building school and the at-home learning, we can share with you some of the innovative ways that we are helping schools, businesses, and government agencies create physically distant learning spaces.