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20+ years’ experience with a diverse set of skills and interests enables us to help you with all aspects of video communications, including instructional design and marketing.

Which video communication problem can we solve for you?

Integrated / Managed AV Solutions​

Transform meeting rooms and learning spaces to be simple, flexible, and dependable with remote management.

Implementation & Support Plans

Improve user experience by providing skilled guidance for implementation with remote management and support.

Live Virtual & Hybrid Events

Design and manage live virtual and hybrid events with support from our implementation team. End to end support for all aspects of the event.

Simple, Flexible, and Dependable Collaboration Solutions

We deliver services and solutions with a high level of attention to detail and ease of use in a cost-conscious manner.

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Innovative Solutions for Simplicity & Dependability

  • Next Generation Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Zero Touch Coaching Solutions
  • Easy-to-Use Integrated Rooms
  • Reliable & Accessible Integrated Emergency Operations
  • Frustrations From an Incomplete Installation and Implementation

Training & Implementation Support

  • Equipment Verification & Testing
  • Process Analysis & Improvement 
  • Increasing Utilization throughout a Statewide Network
  • Improving Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Lifelong Learners Looking for Virtual Field Trips

Engaging & Interactive Virtual and Hybrid Events

  • Advance Planning & Event Design
  • Customized Preparation for Presenters, Attendees, and Participants
  • Project Management Leadership
  • Behind the Scenes + On Camera Support and Interactions
  • Graphics & Copywriting Assistance to Support Marketing

Trusted Partnerships

We are a highly engaged team that cares about the people that we work with. Our collaborative mindset forms true partnerships that will help you fully utilize your technology, getting the most out of your investment.

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