Getting Started with Gradescope for Remote Assessments

TxDLA Keep Connecting: Episode 12

TxDLA Keep Connecting webinars are led by distance learning experts providing a toolbox of immediate needs to our members and the distance learning community during this time.

Note: This summary is live-blogged from the session so you can quickly scan the content. The time stamp for the video is included in parenthesis to help you get to  specific quickly.

Guest Speakers

  • Olga Stadie, Director of Customer Happiness, Gradescope

Demo of Gradescope

Gradescope is a tool to grade all student work: exams, homework, quizzes, essays and even code. 
  • All types of assignments can be student-uploaded.
  • You can use your existing assignments.
  • It works with both paper-based and digital/online assignments.

Workflow of Gradescope

Students submit work. –> Grade work online. –> You can publish the grades. –> Access detailed analytics. [6:30]

Then, it is simple to create an account and get started with the demo course to practice grading. You can add students via csv file and each student will automatically have an account. There is an option for co-instructors or adding in someone who helps with grading. 

5 Types of Assignments Paper-based and Online Assignments [14:19]

The next part of the discussion focuses on the specific functions of each of the following: 

Exams/Quizzes – designated spaces for answering questions [specifics at 20:24]

Homework/Problem Set – students can answer on any type of paper. Answers have variable length with various ways that the work can be submitted. [specifics at 26:28]

Bubble Sheet – multiple choice with printing out or bubble in with a digital tool

Programming Assignment – computer science or engineering. Can run code through simulator or add an auto-checker

Online Assignment – create the assignments directly on Gradescope with a timer. Can add extensions for students with accomodations.

Grading on Gradescope [29:30]

  • Building rubrics
  • Grading asynchronously
  • Changing rubrics as you grade
  • Posting Grades and Feedback

Statistics and Analytics [51:42]

 All available for download in csv and consolidated across multiple assignments. 

 Resources and Links

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