Implementation & Support Plans

i2i Technologies’ Implementation & Support Plans help your teams become comfortable with video communication and collaboration. Successful plans include technical support, user instruction, and targeted follow-up.

Developing a plan is a simple, three-part process.

  1. Have a conversation.
  2. Select your plan.
  3. Identify next steps.

We work with groups to help their staff use technology tools efficiently. We have worked with thousands of people who were afraid of the technology and helped them become comfortable.

Our clients include the following types of organizations:


Step 1: Let's have a conversation.

You talk. We listen. The Implementation & Support Plans are built to fit your needs. Are you looking for instructor-led sessions? Is managing your time more efficiently important for your business? No two organizations are exactly alike and neither are our Implementation & Support Plans. We aren’t being nosy. We want to determine the focus for the plan. The most successful plans match our capabilities with your expectations.

Step 2: Select your plan.

After the goals become clear, select the plan that best fits your organization at this time. Plug-In Plans work well for organizations that have a support structure in place. Retainer Plans work well when you know you will need help, but don’t know what form it will take. Activities Plans work if you have specific tasks or initiatives that need extra attention. We can do plug-in support, blocks of hours, or a series of structured activities. The key is to pick the plan that best fits how your organization currently operates.

Plug-In Plan

Our Plug-In Plan connects your instructional and/or technical support team with our experts to quickly boost your productivity.


Do you already have a process in place to support your users and initiatives?
See example plan.

Retainer Plan

Our Retainer Plan simplifies your job. Think of us as your emergency kit. We can help with your implementation and support challenges.


Do you know that you are going to need assistance, but don't have all the details worked out?
See example plan.

Activities Plan

Our Activities Plan is an integrated set of objectives carefully selected and aligned to your goals. This is a good fit if you already have some specific ideas related to what you want to accomplish.


Do you have a major program initiative that you need instructional and/or technical help with?
See example plan.

Step 3: Identify your next steps.

The last step is to select and design the specific modules. Plans focus on three specific areas: technical support, user instruction, and targeted follow-up. We have modules to assist in each of these areas. Some organizations decide to handle portions of this on their own. Others want to include modules from each area in their plan.

It is an amazing experience to see someone become a “video” person.

The journey from not wanting to be on camera to leading a meeting or an instructional session with ease doesn’t take long, but it does take support.

“Thank you! You made it not so scary for me!” is the most common comment after a session with our implementation team.

The human interaction makes the difference.