We’re Still Connected…Now What?

TxDLA Keep Connecting: Episode 9

  • TxDLA Keep Connecting webinars are led by distance learning experts providing a toolbox of immediate needs to our members and the distance learning community during this time.

Note: This summary is live-blogged from the session so you can quickly scan the content. 

Guest Speakers

  • Renda Garner, Creative Leadership Resources
  • Dr. Bret Wells, Creative Leadership Resources

Notes and Thoughts

  • Moving past the initial shock, what is the next phase. 
  • To move through the day, our brains have to compartmentalize.
  • Brains look for patterns. When the patterns are disrupted, we are completed off-balance
  • We would rather have terrible news than deal with uncertainty.
  • Moving into the “new norm” but don’t know what it is.
  • To relieve uncertainty: 1. Cynicism or 2. Naive optimism
  • Difference between naive optimism and optimism as a belief in our own agency. 
  • Optimism is defined as a belief that we can make a difference.
  • High degree of optimism helps to make people more resilient. 
  • If we don’t believe there are solutions, we will not see them. 
  • Martin Seligman (Father of Positive Psychology)
    • Personalization
    • Permanence
    • Pervasiveness
  • Fear vs. Hope: You will get more of what you focus on. It is important to process all of the feelings. 
  • Emotions are needed to be able to make decisions. It doesn’t make it irrational to have a threat response to something that you perceive as a threat. 


The TxDLA Keep Connecting webinar series is sponsored by i2i Technologies. New episodes currently scheduled for Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:30 AM Central. 

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