Student Engagement: The Canvas Way

TxDLA Keep Connecting: Episode 10

TxDLA Keep Connecting webinars are led by distance learning experts providing a toolbox of immediate needs to our members and the distance learning community during this time.

Note: This summary is live-blogged from the session so you can quickly scan the content. The time stamp for the video is included in parenthesis to help you get to  specific quickly.

Guest Speakers

  • Peter Campbell, Regional Director of Sales, Canvas
  • David Thalman, 

Demo of Studio

  • Can see how users are interacting with video content.
  • Accessibility – captions are added easily with auto-captioning (85-95% accuracy)
  • Can edit captions on the fly.
  • Private space for conversations with students within speed grader. 
  • Pause video and answer the question inline. Can hide the markers from the students. 
  • Grades from watching the videos automatically flow back to the gradebook and teachers have access to metrics of student interactions.
  • Either add content from YouTube or create your own.
  • Light weight video editing tools built into Studio.
  • Use the quiz functionality to ensure how long the students are watching the video and correlate it with the score on quizzes. 
  • Students can use Studio for their assignments. Can either record video or desktop. No need to download or have any other software.

Resources and Links

The TxDLA Keep Connecting webinar series is sponsored by i2i Technologies. New episodes currently scheduled for Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:30 AM Central. 

If you need help transitioning to a simple, flexible, and dependable video communication solution, we can help.