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TxDLA Keep Connecting: Episode 8

TxDLA Keep Connecting webinars are led by distance learning experts providing a toolbox of immediate needs to our members and the distance learning community during this time.

Note: This summary is live-blogged from the session so you can quickly scan the content. The time stamp for the video is included in parenthesis to help you get to  specific quickly.

Guest Speakers

  • Steven Pace, SW Region Account Exectutive, TechSmith
  • Jim Davis, Technical Solutions EDU

Challenges for Rapid Online Expansion

  • Single location for storing videos in the cloud
  • Single sign-on integration with LMS
  • Simple for faculty to use to record, edit, and manage video
  • ADA compliance for accessibility, captioning, and transcript
  • Easily accessible for students within the course
  • Data to demonstrate understanding of content
  • Accuracy and ease of captioning
  • Ability to import and manage existing video resources

What is Techsmith Relay?

Then all of this can be shared with a link, embed code, or directly into your LMS.

  • Conversations in the Cloud
  • Encoding
  • Administration
  • Quizzing
  • Captioning
  • Groups
  • Analytics

Demo of TechSmith Relay

Some keys items that caught my interest. 

  1. Sharing YouTube content in a focused way. Copy/Paste content as an asset in the media library. Can be shared without ads and suggested videos. Can see the analytics from within the online course to see what they are watching and engaged with. 
  2. Creating content with a mobile device. Record from your mobile device and share into Relay by Fuse. Used by nursing programs where students are able to demonstrate that they have mastered a skill by recording and sharing with their instructors.
  3. Making content accessible. Relay provides an accessibility menu. Captioning is automatic from the cloud. You will get an email when the captioning is ready and they you can edit them from within Relay. Generally, captioning is provided within the hour. 
  4. Workflow for editing captions. Built in so that faculty can record content and then assign it to student workers for editing and reviewing captions for videos. Also has a backend for managing content through an accessibility team.
  5. Can embed videos into LMS with the Conversations in Relay. Students can pause the video in playback and annotate and ask questions in a timestamp threaded fashion.

Resources and Links

The TxDLA Keep Connecting webinar series is sponsored by i2i Technologies. New episodes currently scheduled for Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:30 AM Central. 

If you need help transitioning to a simple, flexible, and dependable video communication solution, we can help.