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Jim Stovall holding a book. "A lot of opportunities come into our lives disguised as problems."

i2i Technologies Presents Jim Stovall, Author Interview

Have you ever daydreamed about winning the lottery? What would you do if suddenly you got access to a large sum of money. That question is the basis for the Jim Stovall book, The Ultimate Gift. i2i Technologies Presents Jim Sovall brought together 146 students from four states for a live, interactive video conference. Students

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Remembering 9/11: 16 Years Later

Many Americans still remember the horrible events surrounding September 11, 2001. For my part, I remember many of the details of 9/11 as I, like many others, sat with eyes riveted to the TV for days, weeks and, yes, even 16 years later. Even so, I was hundreds of mile Several years ago, I had

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