A Webinar Series

Sharing Expertise and Leading in Crisis

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A statewide distance learning organization cancelled its annual face-to-face conference as the global pandemic spread throughout the U.S.

The Challenge

The board of directors decided to take the opportunity to provide support and share their expertise through a 12-week lunch webinar series. Their challenge was a short turnaround time. 

The i2i Technologies team provided leadership in the development of the webinar series idea.

Conference Cancelled
How can we share expertise to everyone quickly?
This group needed help.
The short turn-around time was a big challenge!
We can help!

The Solution

A conversational format provided calm leadership in uncertain times. A simple interactive and streaming platform connected attendees with experts. 

A co-branded image for the series clearly communicated the goals and objectives. 

Our skilled team members prepared presenters prior to each session and actively facilitated live sessions. We also provided and formatted attendance reports for documentation of participation. 

To extend the impact, we edited and branded webinar recordings for monetization opportunities. 

The Results

At the end of the 12-week webinar series, we developed a model for the organization to deliver additional webinars and virtual conferences for both increasing reach and monetization. 

The webinar series was the perfect way to share expertise in a challenging time and develop processes for future events.