Hybrid Events for All

The Best of Both Worlds

Some days, it is difficult to remember the before times. Before the global pandemic made Zoom a household name. It was interesting to those of us who work in the field of distance learning because what we had been doing for almost 20 years was brand new to so many. 

At i2i Technologies, we help all types of organizations solve challenges about how to use video communications effectively. This story is a favorite because it showcases how hybrid events require a unique set of skills.

The Challenge

A national distance learning organization wanted to expand their on-site conference to include a virtual option for attendees who could not travel to the in person event.

Their challenge was how to do this with a limited staff and resources at an onsite location.

Limited Staff + Resources
How could they create an exceptional experience for all attendees?
This team needed specialized expertise.
Lucky for them, they knew who to ask.
We were ready to help!

The Solution

Our Premiere team’s diverse skill set came into play.  

First task was to help create a high interest track of diverse sessions to enhance the virtual offering. 

Detailed communication to both the presenters and the participants provided connection information and set expectations. 

Our team provided on-site equipment with personnel to monitor and facilitate during the live sessions.  

The Results

We were the bridge between the virtual and the onsite sessions to manage questions and interactions. 

After the completion of all sessions, we prepared branded, edited recordings for additional opportunities for monetization. 

A Hybrid Conference Offering is a great way to increase revenue and provide flexibility as education and business continue to evolve.