Flipping F2F Classes with Response Clickers

Episode 17

Guest Speaker

  • Dr. Kentya Ford, Faculty, Department of Health & Kinesiology
  • John Starne, Instructional Designer

The Problem [7:00]

The original issue that John and Kenya collaborated on was turning a face-to-face class into a hybrid class because students were not reading the assigned chapters. 

  • Students needed more time to work in groups for concept mastery. 
  • Traditional lecture was not working. 
  • Cell phones were a major distraction. (This is why they chose to use physical clickers instead of the app running on the phone.)
  • Only a few students actively participated in traditional Socratic lecture methods. 
  • How to best convert this class to a hybrid course to provide more flexibility to students. 

The Solution [10:44]

  • Transformed parts of lecture into assignments to view before class. (Used Canvas Studio)
  • Adapted in class interactions to pre-test comprehension
  • Assess in class understanding
  • Increase class participation (for a grade)
  • Encourage instructor modality switch every 7-12 minutes using a slide to prompt for student interaction.

Examples of Questions from Class [13:34]

Actual question samples that were used in the kinesiology class. Goal of Dr. Ford is for students to understand and enjoy the content.

  • Always begin with the end in mind. Make sure that students are solid in their understanding of the content. 
  • Each class begins with a question to check understanding from the previous classes. 
  • Polling response used to give students open-ended 
  • Can run this with a second monitor, can see the individual responses live as they are coming in.
  • There is a PowerPoint plugin. 
  • Clickers looked like the original Blackberry. Also there is an app to use with a smart phone. Apps are licensed to use with the TurningPoint software.
  • At first students looked at them like there were “old tech” after the first class, they enjoyed using them. 

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