Active Learning & Virtual Classroom: weConnect

TxDLA Keep Connecting: Episode 6

TxDLA Keep Connecting webinars are led by distance learning experts providing a toolbox of immediate needs to our members and the distance learning community during this time.

Guest Panel

  • John Copeland, Director of Education Sales, Barco
  • Michael Crisci, Business Development Manager, Barco
  • Carmen Alivarez, Business Development Manager, Barco
  • Diogo Vernissi, Systems Engineer, Barco

Barco’s new education offering is weConnect. Shift to online instructor-led trainings. The new way is changing remote/online/hybrid. It is an immersive, engaged experience.

Traditional video conferencing is great for meetings and conferences, but want to unleash teachers from their desk with the tools that they are used to using.

Virtualized Classroom

The teacher is the only one in the space. All students are remote.
(Begins at 14:00 minutes.)

  • Interactive display
  • Touch screen tablet
  • Control room that has an operator helping drive this for a broadcast system.
  • Multiple displays for multiple students
  • Leave space in between monitors to add cameras and soundbars.
  • Teachers can walk up to camera. Sound comes from where the student appears on the video wall. (Perspective audio and video)
  • Content monitor and confidence monitor for teachers to know what is going on.
  • “Every student is on the front row.”

Hybrid Virtual Classroom 

The teacher is with a class AND with remote students.
(Begins at 14:50)

  • Four large displays with four students per display. Each display is on a separate cart.
  • Can change the number of students viewing on each monitor.
  • In the beginning, teachers felt like they were favoring either the face-to-face or the remote students.
  • When they began blending the interactions of the remote and the face-to-face students, the technology began to fade.

Additional Customer Examples begin at 17:00 min

Key difference is that these solutions give you the ability to maintain size of students so that everyone can see.

WeConnect Virtual Classroom Features 

A walk through of key features begins at 21:00.

  • Chat (to group or to host only)
  • Polls and quizzes (Poll choice shows over participant video window.)
  • Share content (up to 4 simultaneous feeds)
  • Raise hand
  • Students can choose what source they want to view most.
  • See who is talking most recently (preview of last three speakers)
  • Support multiple sources (physical whiteboards and peripherals for the virtual studios)
  • Enables additional ways for student collaboration
  • Breakout rooms
  • Screenshot from the Instructor Perspective begins at 26:00
  • Collaborative whiteboarding
  • Benefits begins at 30:00

Roundtable Conversation begins at 45:00

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