A Fully Virtual Conference

Transforming to a New Way of Connecting

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We have probably all experienced an annoying virtual event in the past couple of years.

The Challenge

This is the story of how a higher education group struggled to handle the transition from on-site conference to fully virtual during the pandemic.

With limited staff and expertise, coordinating and managing 300 attendees with 110 sessions over 3 days seemed daunting.

They knew they needed help, but did not know where to start.

Limited Staff + Expertise
Managing 300 attendees with 110 sessions over 3 days seemed daunting.
This group needed help.
They had no idea where to look or where to start.
We can help!

The Solution

Our team has a specialized set of superpowers for challenges like this.

Step one included multiple planning and work sessions to establish outcomes and collaborative processes.

Next, there was the design and setup of the conference app. The video platform also had to be integrated with the conference website.

Included were services to support and guide all presenters, moderators, and attendees. This included training videos and live pre-conference training sessions.

Finally, we actively connected to and monitored all live event sessions and provided an after conference report.

Loved the way the app worked, the preparedness process, and how you made sure that the presenters knew what they are doing, and had the chance to practice ahead of time. I believe this was one of my favorite virtual conferences in organization, presentation, and ease of use. Thank you!

Conference Presenter

The Results

The partnership that developed was a mixture of direct services, training, and mentoring to develop internal capacity and support throughout the process.

This event continues to evolve with new elements of interactions and has a reputation for feeling as connected as an in-person offering.

If you need assistance with virtual or hybrid events, i2i Technologies can help.