The Blended Process

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Once again, this past week, the blended process in action has helped a group that we were working with skillfully adapt a fully face-to-face offering into a carefully crafted, quality blended event.

Here is a walk through that elaborates on each component of the process that we use. If you prefer video, check out Ken explaining it in detail

  1. Set Your Intention – Foundational to the entire process is to identify the intention. This will be the guiding principle for all future decisions, helping keep you on track to easily decide what to pare and what to keep.
  2. Take an Inventory of Resources – Start with the obvious places and departments that are close to the process. Ask and do not assume that you know. Formalize the process and document the results for easy access in the follow-up and subsequent work.
  3. Identify the Circumstances of the Environment – This step considers the people, personalities, and current processes that are in place related to the improvement initiative.
  4. Plan – Planning can range from a formal document to a verbal agreement. Whatever or however it is created, think about how you will measure success to determine if the plan is indeed working. Also adding who is responsible for what is another layer of accountability that will be helpful in this stage. Let go of the idea of perfection.
  5. Do and Review – Once you have your plan, it is time to put it into action. After it is in action, analyzing it to see if it is working as you intended is where you get the power of process and improvement. The review elements relate back to all other aspects of the plan and should be taken into context.

We look forward to helping you work through the planning phase as you maximize your use of video communication in the coming weeks and months.