Sketchnotes in the Classroom

I love to doodle.

When I say it that way, it sound frivolous and fanciful. It is honestly the best way for me to process information that I hear and information that I read. During the IFWE conference, I was sketchnoting like I always do and posted my notes online

A friend of mine saw the sketchnote that I posted on Instagram and asked if I could teach her students how to use drawing as a learning tool.  I said yes and got to work translating the research into an hour lesson for third graders. 

Using the Generative Drawing Principle as my basis, I focused on developing confidence of line and pre-teaching some of the symbols they would be using during their unit on Michigan symbols.

I connected with the class through Lifesize Cloud with a document camera hooked up and was able to draw with them live! Below are some samples of their work.