National Distance Learning Week 2019

Session Available On Demand

Two of the i2i Technologies Core Team members celebrated National Distance Learning Week 2019 with a deep dive into their Blended Process. The recording of the session is available on demand. 

You’ll learn how being intentional with a flexible plan leads to actionable success.

If you want to jump right into the Blended Process example, here is a direct link.

Presenter and Participant Views

It is important to think through the set up of your equipment before presenting to an audience.  Hands on practice with it helps build confidence and comfort for an effective session.

This is Roxanne’s regular set up, except for the external microphone she was testing. Although the quality was slightly better, she decided to stick with the built-in webcam microphone. Roxanne didn’t want the external microphone to be seen by the participants and be a potential distraction.

Normally, Ken just uses his laptop. He added a second monitor for this session so that he could share content and use Presenter View in PowerPoint. 

Participant View During the Session

Bonus Footage

As we debriefed after the presentation, Ken shared his perspective in using our group collaboration tool. 

Check out our original presentation about Building Community and Improving the Quality of Your Life with Video from the 2019 United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) Conference.

Learn more about how i2i Technologies helps and adds value for people and organizations. Should we connect sometime in the next few weeks to talk about solving some of your challenges?