Utah Education Network Scheduler’s Summit

Thank you to the Utah Education Network for the opportunity to speak at their IVC Scheduler’s Summit. I have experienced the power of video conferencing in my professional and personal life and welcome any opportunity to share that experience with others. 

Ray Timothy, CEO and executive director for the Utah Education Network describes it as “a network of technology and people that connects students, educators, and anyone else associated with education throughout the state of Utah.” His interview with the Deseret News showcases the reach and impact of the network. 

The Technology

Web-conferencing and video communications continue to merge with chat and other communication tools in interesting ways. Users can easily connect with various platforms so what continues to be the focus is what are you trying to do and letting the technology support it. 

UEN is rolling out WebEx Teams this year, so I connected to the group using that platform. I was invited in and able to communicate with staff via chat and video before the connection.

My personal, workspace set-up includes a laptop, second monitor, external camera, and USB document camera. I have a dual monitor set up so that I can have the video conference and chat on one screen and my content full screen on another. 

External monitor, USB camera, Yeti microphone, ready to start collaboration

As a guest in the platform, I could start and stop the video recording. When I stopped the recording, a link showed up in the team collaboration area. 

In the recording playback, there is a toggle to view the slides and/or video. In the download file, there is only the content slides and the audio, no video. Two hours after the recording, an automatic transcription was available.

The Human Connection

As I visit with different organizations and groups, the theme continues to be the human interaction element. Video can help to create relationships and deepen understanding in ways that are richer than communicating exclusively in text. With the advent of AI and computer learning, the human connection will become more valuable.

Along those lines, it was exciting to be able to share about the personal and professional contacts that I have made through participation within both Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA) and United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). It is helpful to be able to network with others who have similar responsibilities and experiences. 

In our support of the USDLA Virtual Conference this year, we added live, real-time facilitation and assistance for all interactive and streaming sessions. Learn more about this activity in this past blog post

How I Used Sketchnotes

I created a sketchnote for participants to take notes on during my talk. I thought I could add some live-sketchnoting into the presentation. Well… I have to admit that it is very hard to take notes and to talk at the same time.

Sketchnoting is a great way to organize your thoughts as you prepare for a talk (which I did). It has also been valuable to me for processing and understanding complex processes and workflows. To be able to sketch an idea to communicate it to others is a great assessment tool, too. 

If you would like to know more about how I can help you with sketchnoting, contact me today.