At i2i Technologies, People Are Our Product!

Okay.  Do business with us at i2i Technologies and at some point, you’ll likely get our invoice.  And, yes, the line items on that statement will probably look a lot like hardware/software or maybe service/support.  And, no, the invoice won’t say Misty or Scott or Roxanne … or even Chris (and he’s The Big Cheese).  Nope, no people are on the invoice.  But still, at i2i Technologies, people are our product.

So, how does that work?  Recall that not too long-ago video solutions were pretty much custom-built, proprietary, expensive systems.  Today, thanks to industry standards and the “Cloud,” the equipment is largely interchangeable and the investment is a lot less.  Cost effective, scalable solutions that are also simple, flexible, and dependable!  What could be better, right?  And sometimes that’s all you need.  Far too often, though, not so much.  Systems as well as processes & procedures don’t mesh, implementations falter, and end-users give up in frustration.  Turns out, truly adopting video communication and collaboration tools into a workflow are not commodity products/services.

And that’s where the people of i2i Technologies come in.  We not only know what works, we know how it works – both under the hood and in a highly connected, collaborative environment. We have decades of varied experience and a legacy of success.  You do not have to put your organization, your sanity, or your personal pride on the line when you have the video vets of i2i Technologies on your side.

It would be our privilege to get to know you as well.  Give us a call!  Or even better, let’s connect over video for coffee!