Training + Implementation Support

Assistance for your staff. Peace of mind for you.

Evaluating Quality Video Communication Choices

A financial institution required a secure, simple-to-implement solution at each location. Wanted wireless presentation integrated into the audio/video solution. Institution lacked knowledgeable staff to ask technical questions for evaluation.

  • Designed and configured a simple conference room for training.
  • Deployed consistent technology in additional locations.
  • Reprogrammed audio for handheld microphones to be used directly below ceiling mics.
Virtual Team meeting remote presenter showing data
Virtual Meeting female presenter i2i Technologies

Increasing Utilization throughout a Statewide Network

A statewide system of public libraries needed help finding content for programming. Site coordinators also wanted a review on use of equipment and how to collaborate effectively.

  • Conducted a series of three remote training sessions for 22 sites focusing on identifying local resources and additional content providers to expand programming.
  • Modeled effective interaction and engagement among sites.

Creating Equity Among Learners

A higher education organization wanted to connect four campuses with high-quality video for graduate level courses. Professors had limited experience teaching through interactive video. During the technology evaluation phase, this organization discovered that what was good enough video for a quick chat, was lacking for a sustained conversational class.

  • Designed a high-quality video solution to connect four sites with ease.
  • Installed two mobile carts for use with classes.
  • Provided on-site boot camp for immersion and hands-on training.
  • Investigated an upgrade to 4K capabilities between sites.
Virtual presenter using i2i Technologies solution
Virtual presenter greeting i2i technologies team on video

Improving Communication and Presentation Skills

The leadership team of a regional service center needed help improving their staff’s ability to communicate and present workshops and webinars to their rural school districts. They wanted someone who understood both the needs of the service center and the local school districts.

  • Provided an on-site, hands-on boot camp for interactive video and webinars.
  • Worked with the staff to improve their slide decks and on-camera presence.
  • Conducted remote model lessons and coaching sessions.

Lifelong Learners Seeking Virtual Field Trips

A retirement facility could not consistently identify a variety of appropriate content to bring into their community. The average resident age is 85 and they wanted highly engaging virtual field trips.

  • Researched opportunities that matched provided criteria and supplied additional ideas to explore further.
  • Vetted all opportunities to ensure they were available in order to minimize effort and save time.
Older man video chatting with i2i technologies team