Transforming Face-to-Face into Fully Virtual

A higher education group struggled to handle the transition from on-site conference to fully virtual during the pandemic. With limited staff and expertise, coordinating and managing 300 attendees with 110 sessions over 3 days seemed daunting.

  • Helped organize and participated in multiple planning and work sessions.
  • Designed and setup conference app and video platform to integrate with conference website.
  • Provided services to support and guide all presenters, moderators, and attendees that included training videos and live pre-conference sessions.
  • Actively connected to and monitored the live event.

Increasing Revenue Through a Hybrid Conference Offering

A national distance learning organization wanted to expand their on-site offering to include an option for attendees to purchase a virtual pass for a strand of sessions.

  • Assisted with creating a high interest track of diverse sessions to enhance the virtual offering.
  • Sent presenters and participants email communication that included connection information.
  • Supplied and set up on-site equipment with personnel to monitor and facilitate (two-way interactive and streaming).
  • Provided live virtual support to manage questions and interactions between the virtual and in room attendees.
  • Prepared branded, edited recordings for additional opportunities for monetization.

Sharing Expertise and Leading in a Global Pandemic

A statewide distance learning organization cancelled its annual face-to-face conference as the global pandemic spread throughout the US. The board of directors decided to take the opportunity to provide support and share their expertise through a 12-week lunch webinar series.

  • Provided leadership in the development of the series idea and conversational format with the interactive and streaming platform to be used.
  • Created co-branded image for the series.
  • Prepared presenters prior to each session with active facilitation throughout.
  • Recorded, edited, and branded recordings for monetization opportunities.
  • Formatted and delivered attendance reports for documentation.
  • Developed a model for the organization to deliver additional webinars and virtual conferences.

Live From the Boardroom

A financial organization transitioned to work from home. The comfort of attending meetings grew, and with it, expectations. When it came time for the Investor Update meeting, the staff became uneasy about how to transition a casual video meeting into a formal presentation. 

  • Consulted with marketing, support, and leadership on expectations and outcomes.
  • Provided suggestions and demonstrations of interactive and streaming technologies.
  • Guided the design of event.
  • Conducted and supported dress rehearsals with feedback. 
  • Celebrated the first fully virtual event by this team!

Consistent, Professional Communications Provide a Better ROI

A conference needed help with a high level of branding to communicate a new way of doing business as they transformed from a face-to-face into a fully virtual event. 

  • Collaborated on an effective design working within the parameters of the brand style guidelines of the host university and the current conference graphic.
  • Created a modern, flat style co-branded image.
  • Developed a social media kit to provide consistency and professionalism across all platforms.
  • Provided professional images and copywriting for social media and conference communication.
  • Added design elements to all video production and support materials for a polished, cohesive presence for presenters, volunteers, and attendees.