Next Generation Mobile Video Conferencing

A museum was seeking a video conferencing solution with a high-quality, pan-tilt-zoom camera for a unique environment to showcase an exhibit in high definition.

  • Designed a mobile cart solution built around any type of software video client.
  • Provided the ability to deliver traditional interactive video presentations, as well as a first-person perspective.
Female talking with male presenter on virtual meeting

Zero Touch Solution for Educational Coaching

A K12 organization, experiencing teacher shortages in critical subject areas, wanted a way to provide support and coaching to locations throughout the state. A key objective was to have the teacher’s focus remain on instruction and not on interacting with the technology solution.

  • Designed a customized system using streaming, recording, and live, two-way interactive video for teacher observations and coaching.
  • Integrated technology with zero touch for the teacher in the classroom.
  • Provided archival video library for post-lesson review.

Consistent, Stable, Easy to Use Integrated Rooms

A large school district had huddle rooms, training rooms, and a board room with integrated audio video solutions designed and installed through a series of new construction projects. The rooms never worked as intended. The struggle with ongoing support and technical issues lasted for two years.

  • Assessed the current design, configuration, and operation of each type of room solution.
  • Adjusted and reconfigured the rooms using a large majority of the original equipment based on how the organization wanted the rooms to function.
  • Focused on technical reliability of the systems and ease of use for the end users with consistency across the three different types of rooms. Functionality includes video & audio conferencing, wireless presentation, and video recording & streaming.
Board room simplified a/v video communications with microphones
Emergency personnel huddled around computers

Improving Communication and Presentation Skills

A government entity requested an analysis and evaluation of current equipment to ensure reliability and accessibility for all.

  • Conducted a formal analysis and discovered equipment that had never worked properly, including unusable audio with an extreme echo.
  • Designed, installed, and implemented a modern communications system.
  • Provided annual maintenance and support.

Frustrations From an Incomplete Installation and Implementation

“Come and get this equipment and give us our money back!” This organization was at their wits end. They hated the technology and wanted it gone. It had never worked as promised. There was no consistency among small, medium, and large rooms and no training for administrators or users. The customer was tired of hearing excuses from their current audio/video integration company and simply wanted results.

  • Conducted site visit and identified needs as well as challenges.
  • Transformed conference rooms with minimal expense.
  • Conducted onsite training for staff.
  • Became the “go to” audio/video integrator, working with contractors to move conference rooms and install new equipment.
Corporate meeting room with distance learning video conference on the wall.

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