Our philosophy at i2i Technologies is built upon two main themes.

    1. We strive to collaborate to develop simple, flexible, and dependable solutions that meet the intended goals.
    2. We desire creating and maintaining long term partnerships.


We understand that in order to have a high success rate, a goals oriented solution needs to not only be simple, but flexible and dependable as well.  Without all three, things tend to fall apart, if not immediately, slowly and painfully over time.

    • Simple.
      It can be used with minimal to no direction.  It is so intuitive, even toddlers can use it.
    • Flexible.
      It can be used in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the user.  Think about the swiss army knife of today, the smart phone.  They all come out of the box in basically the same way, but are used differently by each person.  The device adapts to the user, the user doesn’t adapt to the device.
    • Dependable.
      It works so well, so consistently, it rarely even enters your mind that it will fail. When you walk into a room and hit a light switch, you almost never even stop moving because you are so certain it will turn on the lights.


Building trust in working together collaboratively and communicating effectively takes time to develop and improves with every project.  Saving time and money is a key benefit to developing and maintaining partnerships.  The i2i Technologies’ team leverages their keen listening skills and attention to detail to bring forth easy to use solutions that are reliable and can adjust to a variety of needs. From the start, we consistently put in the time related to preparation, planning, installation, and commissioning to get things done right.  We also use the solutions we recommend, so we know them well from a technical and user experience.  With our full circle of support services, we are available to help anyone now or in the future. We are passionate about helping our Partners with simple, flexible, and dependable solutions. We love what we do and we can help you love what you do even more!

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