i2i Technologies Presents Jim Stovall, Author Interview

Have you ever daydreamed about winning the lottery? What would you do if suddenly you got access to a large sum of money. That question is the basis for the Jim Stovall book, The Ultimate Gift.

i2i Technologies Presents Jim Sovall brought together 146 students from four states for a live, interactive video conference. Students read the book, The Ultimate Gift before the connection. They kept a reading journal and used their reactions to the book to create questions for Jim.

Preparing Students

We used the Author, Specialist, and Knowledge (ASK) format for this video conference. By working through the ASK process, students generate higher quality questions that are not “easily Google-able”. (Yes, we actually say that to the students!)

When you are connected live with an author, you want to ask questions that help you gain information that might not be as easy to find online.

Facilitating the Interactions

The format was simple. Each site had three questions queued up for Jim. Having three students ready to ask questions helped with the the flow of the interview, keeping things moving. The participating sites knew the order, so they were ready to quickly begin asking their questions.

Students had to pay close attention as the other sites were interacting with Jim. If someone else asked one of their questions or one of Jim’s responses answered their question, they had to move to a different question or adapt it. This required the students to stay focused and engaged during the interview.

Jim Stovall holding a book.

Here are some of the questions the students asked Jim Stovall.

  • Are you going to make your will look like Red Steven’s?
  • Were you ever bullied?
  • What encouraged you to start writing?
  • What lesson taught Jason the most?
  • Would you say millennials are becoming more like Jason before or after the gift?
  • What made you write the book in Mr. Hamilton’s point of view and not Jason’s?
  • Which gift is the most important in the book?

Students asked Mr. Stovall 30 questions during the hour video conference. Every site was well-prepared and asked quality questions. View the entire video conference recording online.

The Technology Behind the Event

We live streamed and recorded this event using Lifesize Live Stream and Record and Share. The quality was great and the user-interface was simple. Streaming participants asked questions via email, Twitter, and the chat feature of the stream. The questions posted via chat were available afterwards via the admin interface.

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