Improving Online Student Success with Video & Analytics

Episode 15

Guest Speaker

  • Dr. William Stowe, Title III Activity Director, Kilgore College

Title III 3rd Year – Grant

Using video directed toward student success. If students watch more than half of the videos within a course, it correlated to almost a letter grade difference.

  • Video Production Studio [8:37]
  • Sample Videos
  • Audience Retention
  • Detailed Data Analysis
  • From Analysis to Measurable Change
  • Ways to Learn More About Video Analytics

Production Studio

  • Full with green screen
  • Have created 500 videos (29,000 views) 
  • None of the videos are public facing to make sure that all of the views can be analyzed for the grant 
  • Use a combination of YouTube and Rev for captioning. YouTube gets about 80% accuracy. Use Rev to get to the upper 90% for compliance.
  • Using a light board for math and science. Built it with frame, LED lights, and glass. Lessons learned include using neon markers and take of rings and watches so that it doesn’t chip the glass. 
  • Create first person videos and also videos placing professor in a certain time period.

Redesigning Instruction [20:00]

  • The Video Tour of the class  is a key for student success and retention.
  • Start with the parts of the course that the students are struggling the most. Especially areas where students are making the same mistakes repeatedly.
  • Views are tied to a graded assignment. Accountability increases student viewing. 
  • Hide Easter eggs in the videos.
  • Instructors volunteered to participate in this grant.

Audience Retention [30:45]

Helps you to understand what is the most interesting parts of the video and what they are watching and for how long. Can use this data to design more effective videos for student success.

  • Flatness
  • Gradual declines
  • Bumps
  • Dips
  • Sudden drops

Detailed Data Analysis [49:52]

  • Total views of videos
  • Watch time in hours
  • Devices – can show how students are accessing the video
  • Views by date with average view duration in minutes
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