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i2i Technologies and TWICE and CAPspace, Oh My!

With i2i Technologies focus on helping people and organizations with video communication and collaboration, partnering with an organization like TWICE is no big surprise.  What’s TWICE, you may ask?  Established in 2001, TWICE stands for Two Way Interactive Connections in Education.  Like i2i Technologies, TWICE promotes and supports collaborative video conference connections for the benefit of everyone regardless of their location.  Core team members serving on the TWICE Board of Directors and sponsoring a virtual meeting room for TWICE events are two examples of how i2i Technologies partners with other video conferencing leaders in this organization.

I remember having a conversation with a colleague several years ago about creating a portal or what I have come to call a “dating service” whereby educators using video conferencing could “hook-up” with other educators anywhere in the world for a collaborative learning experience.  Out of that conversation a resource now provided and maintained by TWICE, Collaborations Around the Planet or CAPspace, was born.  CAPspace has been a tremendous success having included over 15,000 educators from 58 countries at its peak with over 2,000 curriculum collaborations and 17,000 event registrations.  Using a resource while new ideas develop with added features and functionality built on top of one another can sometimes produce a “Frankenstein” effect that results in a patch work background and a clunky experience.  Add time on top and the technology becomes outdated too, reaching end of life.

Fast forward about 10 years and in January 2018 the newly revised CAPspace 2.0 was launched. This brand-new version removes the unneeded components that seemed to be more like bells & whistles to provide a simpler, more modern look with an intuitive navigation – FREE!  The functionality of organizing events with registration and classroom matching are still included providing an easy way to get involved in events and for coordinators to help.  Connecting with authors and doing other curriculum-based video conferencing activities that work is a great way to inspire educators while building your community.

Start collaborating today!