Branding and Communication for Virtual & Hybrid Events

Show and Tell for Your Event

Premiere from i2i Technologies provides people and organizations with professional expertise and confidence while helping their live virtual and hybrid events run smoothly. It is easily customizable for a variety of activities. Services and support can be delivered before, during, or after your event.

Streamline Your Marketing

Another aspect of Premiere by i2i Technologies is the one-stop solution for event marketing. We specialize in comprehensive implementation guidance to help you and your event thrive. Our service includes a wide range of marketing capabilities.

Effective communication
must align with your goals and objectives.
We can help you get started!

What marketing services can help me with my event?

We offer professional graphic design, copywriting, and strategic social media assistance. With visually appealing options like co-branded images, event theme images, email signatures, and social media kits, we ensure your brand stands out.

Need striking images for your event website? We’ve got you covered. Stay organized with our content and sequence calendars. Our expertise in managing digital assets ensures easy access and organization. Elevate your online presence with co-branded images that follow your organization’s brand style guide.

The Premiere solution assists in every aspect of virtual and hybrid events. i2i Technologies is here to support your marketing efforts every step of the way.

Virtual events can be highly effective and even amazing!

Let us help you create a unique and memorable experience for your attendees with our professional branding and communication services. Visit to learn more.