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9/11: 16 Years Later

Gregory Fried, M.D., former Executive Chief Surgeon of the NYPD, shares his behind the scene view of life on the force during one of the worst crime waves in the city’s history; when criminals declared open season on officers.  His mission is to share stories of the brave officers who became his inspirational patients as their fight against crime turned into battles for their lives when injured in the line of duty. Fast forward to 2001 as he recounts his own tragedy as a first responder on 9/11 when Tower 2 collapsed, nearly crushing him to death.

Dr. Fried shared a candid, insider’s view of the event that changed history. During this event, Dr. Fried shared

  • the first hand account of decisions Dr. Fried had to make,
  • how his previous training prepared him for actions that day, and
  • how the world changed forever, 16 years ago.

This video conference provided an authentic experience to connect with a survivor of the World Trade Center disaster that changed so many aspects of our world.

Original broadcast September 11, 2017
Participating Interactive Sites

Chapin High School, El Paso, Texas
*View video montage of news segments and
photos created by Chapin HS Leadership students.

Homer High School, Homer, Alaska

Kenai Central High School, Kenai, Alaska

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