It's more than training.
It's human interaction.
It's access.
It's instruction.
It's transformation.
It's efficiency.
It's coaching.
It's adoption.

Modules: The Building Blocks for Plans

Plans focus on three specific areas: Appetizers (technical support), Entrees (user instruction), and Desserts (targeted follow-up). We have modules to assist in each of these areas. Some people decide to handle portions of this on their own. Others want to include modules from each area in their plan. That’s why we start with a conversation!

Each of the following represents a key area for a successful video conference solution.


The appetizer modules occur before end user interactions. The goal is to develop the knowledge and skills of solution administrators and support personnel. This is to ensure that your team and solution is ready to go. 

  • Basic Readiness and Verification
  • Advanced Readiness and Verification


The entree modules are the main end user interactions. The goal is to develop the knowledge and skills of how to use the technology within their environment and workflow. Remember this is the main interaction with end users, not the only one. 

  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Strategies & Applications
  • Bootcamp (Premium)


The dessert modules occur as on-going end user interactions. The goal is to practice application and continue development of knowledge and skills of end users. It is supported practice and application to develop users confidence in video communication.

  • Revisiting the Toolbox
  • Further Developing the Toolbox

This is a small sample of how we help people and organizations transform into efficient, modern, collaborative work spaces.  

We lay the groundwork during the implementation and support process and encourage groups to immediately use what they learned. Our most successful implementations have focused on structured follow-up activities to encourage usage. After about 20 hours of use, people are quite comfortable and confident with the technology, transforming into “video” people.

We love what we do and we can help you love what you do even more.