Integrated Rooms

Connect fully integrated conference rooms or interactive learning spaces with tablets and mobile devices. Create a space that is designed with flexibility in mind to support both presentations and collaborative areas. Bridge the distance between buildings, counties, and states. The i2i Technologies team can help you develop a road map for innovative visual communications.


controller-web80Control System: When multiple devices and configurations are desired, this is used to keep control easy for the user. This replaces the juggling and learning of multiple remote controls for every piece of equipment in an integrated room.

digital-signage-web80Digital Signage: Used to communicate messaging across organizations that is polished and professional.  Helps get information out in a timely manner and keeps it consistent across the organization.

document-camera-web80Document Camera: Used to display smaller objects so they can be seen by a larger local and/or distant audience and/or interacted with. Can be connected to a display/projector or sometimes through a computer to utilize with software.

whiteboard-web80Interactive Display/Projector/Whiteboard: Provides ability to use pen and/or finger to manipulate images and control programs. It is like turning a pen/finger into a computer mouse for easier manipulation and interaction of content.

lecture-capture-web80Lecture Capture: Recording of content with audio and sometimes video to convey information. Flipped Classroom is a related concept. Provides a mechanism to review class information outside of the actual class time in the event it was missed or just needs to be reinforced. 

screensharing-web80Screen Sharing: A process that allows for a variety of devices to be shown through a display/projector. Great for collaboration or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments with multiple devices in place.  

video-conference-web80Video Conferencing: Two or more locations connecting to communicate via audio and video, sometimes with the ability to also share content. Used to collaborate when being physically in the same room at the same time is a challenge. 

video-distribution-web80Video Distribution: Sharing video live and/or on demand to be accessed through multiple devices (i.e., computer, display, smart phone, tablet). Allows people to view content how they want and when they want.