How We Can Help

It is challenging and takes time to find someone who is not only knowledgeable, but can be trusted to always keep your best interests in mind and watch your back. That is why it is important to identify companies that are not only at the top of their game, but who can also help in multiple ways now and in the future. Saving time and money can be achieved by investing in a true partnership with i2i Technologies.


consultation-right-padConversation: Working together to review needs and develop solutions that are simple, flexible, and dependable. During this time, our team will analyze goals and expected outcomes to ensure success of the project.

design-right-padDesign: Plan or drawing that represents a functional solution that is developed to align with all discussed needs. The i2i Technologies team has in house programming, interoperability and learning experts to generate an effective design for your learning space.

installation-right-padInstallation and Configuration: Placing or connecting equipment associated with a verified design. This process is not outsourced. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that all configured equipment is tested and verified.

training-right-padImplementation and Support: Developing a plan for fully utilizing the installed solution and ensuring everyone understands how to best apply it. Training is essential for success. End user and administrative training is available with all projects. Learn more about our customized Implementation and Support Services.

maintenance-right-padMaintenance: Keeping a solution operating at an optimal, dependable level. This is addressed up front during the design phase to ensure planning for continued ease of use by end users.