Powerful Content Connections

There are so many amazing experts in a variety of areas that our students can learn from. There are YouTube videos and Khan Academy. There are apps for personalized learning.

There are many zoos, museums and cultural institutions that have designed professional learning experiences that you can connect with via videoconferencing for real-time interactions. In the early days of videoconferencing, you used to have to have expensive equipment. Now, there are many different ways to connect, so I want to share some of the reasons you would want to.

Here are some examples of high quality, powerful connections. There are many fantastic content providers who can teach your students and I will be showing you how to find other connections on your own.

These connections use either a simulation or a game-based structure for the learning activity. Time flies during these connections and students enter the flow state of learning.

  • Operation Montserrat from Challenger Learning Center, Wheeling, West Virginia. (They will actually “fly” this mission for groups of teachers as a staff development activity!)
  • Taking Care of Business from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Awesome Experts

Passionate Points of View

  • Karin Davidson, Royal Botanical Gardens. Anything about plants…including a program on human impact on the environment.

These providers are professionals who have been teaching and reaching classes through videocoferencing and distance learning for 5-15 years. Check out their sites and connect with them to open a whole new world of learning for your students.

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