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Technology Based Conferencing Products and Related Services
Contract #DIR-SDD-2012
Contract Term:  4/19/13 to 4/19/17

Manufacturer Website MSRP Price List (pdf)
Biamp www.biamp.com Price List
Cisco www.cisco.com Price List
Lifesize www.lifesize.com Price List
Polycom www.polycom.com Price List
Revolabs www.revolabs.com Price List
Spectrum Industries www.spectrumfurniture.com Price List
Vutec www.vutec.com Price List
Wolfvision www.wolfvision.com Price List
Updated March 20, 2015

To obtain a quote or place an order, please email us at sales@i2itech.com or call (800) 424-9887.

Warranty Information: 90 Day Installation Warranty Included for Installation Projects – 1 to 3 Years Available for Purchase (cost varies depending on project [i.e. equipment used in system])
Manufacturer Warranties (specific information varies depending on manufacturer and model)

Returns: All sales are final and unopened products cannot be returned.


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